XP trade in £200 cash back xsmallFancy a brand new PC or laptop but can’t afford it??

101 IT as both HP and Microsoft Partners will get you up to £200 in cash for any old Windows XP PC or laptop you have lying around your office (or are still struggling on with) – the cash is paid direct into your bank account.

This amazing offer is part of the Windows XP end of life campaign and is open to business and home users alike until April 30th and how it works is very simple !

1. You find a PC or laptop you no longer want or need – it has to have a licence for Windows XP and is still able to turn on but it doesn’t matter how slow or decrepit it is.

2. You choose a replacement from our list of 80 brand new HP laptops and PC’s on the trade in promotion.

3. You upload our invoice to a secure website

4. A shipping paid box will be sent to your address, put the old machine in it and it will be sent back to HP for wiping and recycling.

5. Once they have confirmed the unit still works and carries and XP licence HP will deposit the money direct into you bank account.

£150 cash is given to you for the old XP machine with an additional £50 if you choose to buy a copy of Microsoft Office 2013 with your new machine….Simple !!

Additionally 101 IT are offering discounted set up and installation of any PC bought under this offer so you really can’t loose….Windows XP goes end of life on the 8th of April, the trade in offer ends April 30th.

Call or contact us today for full terms and conditions and the list of new laptops and PC’s available under this promotion.