Business Laptops, Ultrabooks and Tablet computers – profit on the move…

Mobility is an essential part of business life today and having the IT Hardware that keeps you connected, informed and trading when away form the office is key.

At 101 IT our IT dealership arrangements with all the major computer hardware manufacturers allow us access to the latest in Laptops, Ultrabooks and Tablets in the world at the lowest prices. We have consitently proven that cutting corners simply does not work. Choosing the right Notebook or Tablet to suit your requirement first time will yeild efficiency and profitability to you and your business in the years to come.

We will only recommend or supply computer equipment that has been thoroughly tested and proven in the business environment and is suitable for the job in hand. All Laptop, Ultrabook and Tablet devices we supply can be covered under our IT Management and IT Support Contracts, allowing you complete piece of mind day-to-day.

Some devices are fragile and from time to time accidents do happen so we offer complete IT Hardware Support Options which include Accidental Damage Cover. So if you happen to put your laptop down next to the car, get distracted, then jump in and reverse over it…..we will help! We’ll fix it or if it is beyond repair simply give you a new one.

Contact us today to see how 101 IT can help you profit on the move.