Business Network Servers – performance and reliability are key…

Whether you are a small business wanting the most from a single multifunction server, a larger enterprise looking to share the workload across multiple machines or you are making the transition from traditional physical to Virtualised Business Servers, 101 IT will deliver the correct server hardware to you, first time..

We carryout and in depth analysis of your business requirement prior to recommending any new business server, ensuring we deliver a server solution that matches function, performance, scalability and fault tolerance level precisely with your budget and business need allowing you to benefit from:

  • Lower Capitial Expenditure
  • Less Downtime
  • Lower Running Costs
  • Increased Performance
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Easy Scalability if you grow

Our years of experience and preferential dealership arrangements allow us supply, configure and install servers from manufacturers regarded as the best in the world that will perform for your business all day at the lowest overall cost.

We constantly monitor and manage your server(s) performance throughout its life. Our tools to predict component error or failure before it causes a problem to your business and in many cases we will have supplied and replaced the part before anything goes wrong. Should the worst happen, our Onsite IT Hardware Support Cover ensures that both the parts and skills to get things moving again are with you within hours. Contact us today for more information.