Business Class Computer Networking Products and Services…

101 IT are dealers for all manufacturers of business networking products including HP, Cisco, Netgear and DLink.

Like most computer products, quality, reliability and performance are all important factors and the right choice of computer switch, wireless access point or other computer networking hardware can make a huge difference to the efficicency and performance of your business network day to day.

We have a deep understanding of computer networking and will gladly advise on, supply, configure, install and support the correct hardware your busienss needs in any given situation.

Many of our products include a lifetime parts cover and can be supported 24×7 in busienss critical situation by our onsite computer hardware maintenance contracts.

When it comes to wireless networking for business (WLAN) we invest time and resource into thoroughly researching and testing different appliances in different scenarios ensuring that your company data and information is always as safe as possible and delivered at the highest possible speeds.

If you are moving or extending offices, we offer a full end to end service that includes Cat5/Cat6 and Fibre Optic Network Cabling for your building(s) where required. Contact us today to find out more…