Secure Firewall and Router Hardware for Business…

Internet access has revolutionalised business in the modern world bringing huge gains in productivity and massive reductions in the costs of day to day communication. However, if Firewalls and Routers are not configured and secured correctly, your personal and company data can be exposed to competitors or indeed the rest of the internet enabled world.

A well-configured firewall or router is crucial to the survival of your network and 101 IT are dealers for all the leading industry standard firewall and router manufacturers including Cisco, HP, Draytek, Netgear etc. etc.

Any firewall our routing equipment we recommend or supply is tested for both performance and vulnerability prior to installation on to your network and can be managed and supported throughout its life by our engineers, keeping your business safe.

We are more than happy to carry out an security assessment on your network and will take all the steps needed to protect your business network from intrusion or malicious organisations.

Contact 101 IT today to secure your business network.