For those of you that are not already aware, over the last few months a new nasty Internet malware infection called Cryptolocker has been spreading around the world infecting both businesses and home users with devastating effect.

Cryptolocker is a new breed of infection being branded as ‘Ransomware’ because of the way it operates. Once it has infected a machine it gets to work scanning the device’s hard disk and also network drives and encrypting the files, documents and data it comes across. The next time a user tries to open a file they get presented with a screen asking them to pay a ‘ransom’ to get their data unencrypted.

The effects of Cryptolocker devastating as by the time some one notices the problem the majority of their data has been encrypted and in no longer accessible bringing businesses to an abrupt halt. In a lot of cases even paying the ransom doesn’t ¬†lead to the data being unencrypted meaning it’s gone for good….

101 IT have worked hard at coming up with solutions for Windows PC and Servers to a) rescue and recover users and businesses that have become infected with cryptolocker and b) prevent the infection from being able to install on computers and ¬†networks in the first place. These cures and fixes are being provided free of charge to existing 101 IT clients and but we will happily provide them to anyone we don’t already look after for a small fee which can be fully refunded if you decide to take out any of our IT Support and Management ¬†Services.

If you are concerned about Cryptolocker or want us to help prevent your business network being a victim of Ransomware please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.