Microsoft Hyper-V Server Virtualisation

101 IT are a Leeds based Microsoft Partner IT Support and IT Services company that specialise in Virtualising Servers, Desktops and IT infrastructure using the Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation platform.

Virtualising your business IT infrastructure brings many benefits and advantages over traditional physical infrastructure. By leveraging Virtualisation technology your business can benefit in many ways including lower capital expenditure, reduced cost and downtime when upgrading or migrating to new hardware and improved disaster recovery times from hardware failure.

Years of experience has taught us how to design and specify the correct IT Hardware required for a virtualisation platform in any given situation. If your business wants to embrace and take advantage of advantage of Server Virtualisation then you can trust 101 IT to deliver the correct solution. Our team will carryout a seamless migration from your existing physical server environment to a virtualised one with the minimum of fuss and aim to do all our migrations with zero downtime during business hours. Once in place you Virtualised Network can be fully managed and supported through our IT Management and IT Support Contracts.

Contact 101 IT Support today for a consultation on virtualising your Servers with Microsoft Hyper-V Servers.