Careful planning and experience makes a big difference

101 IT specialises in providing computer systems that are individually tailored to meet the requirements of a diverse and ever changing client base.

At 101 we believe the key to a successful implementation of or upgrade to a new computer system is in fully understanding your business first. Whether you are a new start up business looking for a new computer system to grow into or an established business looking to upgrade your existing computer systems, we have the experience needed to help you make the right decision.

Our analysts will work with you to understand business and requirements fully before providing you with a plan for new installations or upgrades.

Use our skills to help your business:

  • Get more out of existing computer systems
  • Plan, design and implement a new computer system

101 IT can provide everything you need with fully comprehensive after care and support services needed to keep your computer system working for you all day, everyday. Contact us for more information today.