It’s staggering how many business domain name registrations are carried out either incorrectly and without due care and attention to detail. Typically we see clients coming to us with successful websites wanting to upgrade and enhance their business web presence only to find that they are not even the owners of their website domain name. All to frequently we find that the domain name was registered for them by ‘a friend that knows about computers’, an associate that is no longer able to be contacted, or a company that they used to trade with that has ceased to exist or where the relationship has broken down.

Your domain name is an asset just lime any other in your business. It is essential that your or your company own it and have complete control of it and it is frightening how many businesses do not.

101 IT will register domain names for you ensuring you are the owner and that you are not vulnerable to these types of mistakes. Not only that we will help and assist you in migrating and reassigning domain name ownership to ensure that your business web presence is protected in years to come.

Contact 101 IT today for a free of charge risk assessment on your company website.