Leased Line Internet for Business

If your business has mission critical services that rely on an Internet connection that can be backed with a guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA), requires fast consistent speeds and can fail over to a standard internet connection should the worst happen then perhaps a Leased Line or EFM (Ethernet First Mile) circuit is the right choice for you.

101 IT has partnered with the best UK providers of Leased Line and EFM circuits in order to deliver these connectivity solutions both at wholesale prices and also in areas other providers cannot service.

Both Leased Line and EFM circuits come with guaranteed speeds and guaranteed Service Level Agreements. While more expensive than standard Business Broadband Connections they are the only choice when businesses require an internet connection that simply cannot fail or requires fast Internet connectivity in locations that are ‘off the beaten track’ for the UK standard superfast Fibre or Cable broadband providers.

If you already have a quotation or need to know what your Business Internet Connectivity options are in your area then contact one of or team today.