To achieve the best protection possible against Ransomware, CryptoLocker and other viruses you need to be able to detect infection, prevent data encryption and recover data as fast as possible if the worst were to happen.

Data loss and encryption leaves businesses suffering from major downtime, losing money as they wait for a resolution. It is of utmost importance to be back up and running in fastest time possible which is achieved by having the protection and procedures in place to keep you safe when threat does arise and attacks are made.

At 101 IT we have designed a number of protection systems and network policies for Windows Server based networks that can:

  • Prevent Ransomware and CryptoLocker style infections from installing on a network in the first place.
  • Detect Ransomware and CryptoLocker style infections whilst live and stop them in their tracks.
  • Ensure your systems and data are fully recoverable via multi-level monitored and verified comprehensive backup systems.

In addition to the procedures we put in place, with our IT Support and Management services we can advise you on how to spot potential threats. Having the ability to recognise potentially harmful email attachments and misleading web links can put us in good stead to staying protected. Clarification on the legitimacy of potentially harmful emails and suspicious files is only a call away.

If you would like to know more about Ransomware and CryptoLocker please see our blog post Ransomware and CryptoLocker; Can We Stay Protected.

Contact 101 IT today to see how your business can prevent infection and to find out the most suitable back up solution for you business needs.