I have an iPhone 6s and since I got it about a year ago I have been impressed with speed and performance in general. Being a Techie at heart, I always hang back when Apple release a new version of iOS for the iPhone or iPad as it never goes smoothly and I need my phone to work all day / everyday and simply cannot do without it.

I have around 1000 contacts and 8 email accounts: Hotmail, Gmail, Exchange etc. and I never delete my email history as I need it to refer to in my business.

My brother in law came round to show off his iPhone 7 on iOS 10 and to be honest it looked great with cool animations in iMessage being the thing I wanted most… As we were now on iOS 10.1 and he reported no issues I went for it and started banging out funny iMessages to anyone I could !

The next day however I regretted the move big time, I make and receive lots of phone calls in a day and the thing kept freezing and hanging and I had to keep killing the phone app off and relaunching to find my next contact or make the next call…Nightmare!

I tried all the usual iPhone fixes, reset network settings, hard reset phone etc and eventually called Apple who were very polite but no help at all really other than to suggest backing up and restoring it from iCloud but when I pointed out that it did exactly the same thing on my old iPhone too the guy didn’t really have a a lot to say and agreed it probably wasn’t going to make any difference. I read a threads with people pointing the number of voice mails prior to the upgrade being the issue so I deleted mine too but it made no difference. I upgraded to iOS 10.1.1 and it was exactly the same.

Eventually 4 days ago I cracked the issue and decided to post this as I know there will be loads of you out there with the same issue and rebooting the phone, reset network settings, restore from back up etc. DO NOT WORK so save yourself some time and don’t bother. Here is the fix:

1) Go to SETTINGS > CONTACTS and scroll down to CONTACTS FOUND IN APPS and turn the slider off.

2) If you have multiple email accounts set up in your phone then access the settings for each one from SETTINGS > CONTACTS > ACCOUNTS and turn OFF the slider for CONTACTS syncing in the accounts which you don’t use for actual contacts storage. (In my case my main contacts account was Exchange so I disabled Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook.com and various others that I have.

3) Go back to home menu and kill of the Phone and Contacts app then launch them again – you should now find that after the spinning circle syncs and rearranges the list both the Phone and Contacts Apps are now much more stable and freeze a whole lot less!

Enjoy !

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